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Relax under the wide-open sky with daily Yoga, Qi-Gong and Meditation sessions. The wooden open-air yoga terrace is above the house, where the wild “Macchia” thrives and fragrant rosemary and thyme plants cover the whole hill, making it a truly magical place. It is now 30 years that I have been practicing Yoga* and Pranayama (breathing exercises), and I am a certified teacher and have 20 years’ teaching experience and specialized in one-on-one teaching that allows me to adapt a lesson to your specific desires or on therapeutic aspects. I can give life-style recommendations towards food and herbal teas or acupressure massages.
Daily lessons are available and may be included in your sojourn package. Of course you're welcome to use the platform for your personal workout.

Occasionaly we hold events on the platform such as Gong Baths, to bring relaxation to a deeper level. You are more than welcome to join this special experience or you can book a Gong Bath privately for your family or friends.

More information:

*Certified Swiss Yoga Teacher

*Qi Gong ongoing Training at Taoyin Bologna *Basics of Chinese Medicine at Amal, Genova and Taoyin Bologna

*Member and Zazen practicioner, Osho Shokan Marcel Urech, Shogen Dojo, Rinzai Zen, Zurich

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